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Until the world becomes bright with light

Softwells is constantly striving



A global leading company faithful to the basics and principles

Softwells, a global leading company
faithful to the basics and principles, works hard today.

Company SoftWells Co., Ltd CEO Samuel Lee
Sectors Manufacturer-semiconductor element and electronic components Founded 2015.07.07
Product Healthcare, Medical Device, Home Use Electricity Apparatus Tel +82) 62-974-9989
Address No. 306, Venture support center, 333, Cheomdangwagi-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju, 61008 Korea
  • Social

    It is a company that considers people and the environment and strives to create a more convenient and safe society.

  • Light

    It is a company that strives to make people and society healthy by using light.

  • Knowhow

    We will do our best to make our customers enjoy health life using our accumulated technologies and experiences.

  • Technology

    We makes differentiated products putting top priority on customer satisfaction.

  • Effort

    We will make constant efforts until the day Our World are Brighten by Light.