LED Mask

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Until the world becomes bright with light

Softwells is constantly striving

LED Mask

LED Mask

The history of Softwells is the history of LED masks in Korea

The history of Softwells is the history of LED mask in Korea

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Spot treatment?Take care of whole face!

2nd generation
LED beauty mask

Why BellaDerma ?

BellaDerma uses edge-lit technology to provide uniform and sufficient light over the entire face

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Innovative care that starts with patented edge-lit technology

edge-lit lighting
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    Uniform light

    Provides uniform light to the skin using edge-lit lighting

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    Safe Use

    BellaDerma doesn’t have side effects such as skin trouble caused by hotspots because the light is not concentrated

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    Harmless wavelength

    It can be used with confidence by using wavelengths that are not harmful to the eyes

BellaDerma's three innovative care modes BellaDerma take cares for the face as well as
the scalp for all ages regardless of gender

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    Face Care Mode

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    Scalp Care Mode

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    ①+② Dual Care Mode

UV sterilization

The inside of the LED mask is
sterilized during the charging

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How To USE

  • 1

    Put on the mask and adjust the band

  • 2

    Touch the button at the top of the mask and choose the care mode (face mode-scalp mode-dual mode)

  • 3

    Relax and enjoy for 10 minutes

  • 4

    After use, mount the mask to the docking station for charging and sterilization


  • LED mask

  • Cradle

  • AC/DC adapter

  • USB cable

Product size 300 x 200 x 245 mm Battery type Li-Polymer
Rated input AC100~240V Capacity 1500mAh x 2
Rated output DC3.7, V2.5A Charging time 3~4h
Input termial USB-C Timer 10min