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Professional LED skin care device used for skin care shops, clinics, spas.

Three safe and special colors, yellow, orange, and near-infrared, effectively care for your skin.

Color Wavelength Effect No. of LEDs
Yellow 595nm skin regeneration, skin pigments 216 ea
Red 645nm elasticity, wrinkle, acne, inflammation 216 ea
NIR 830nm skin tone, inflammation, wound 216 ea

Skin care including beauty care, trouble care, and wound care for your face and body.

Beauty Care : Manage skin elasticity, tone, wrinkles.
Trouble care : Manage skin problems such as acne, inflammation, and erythema.
Wound care : Management of wounds and recovery after surgery.

Systematic and effective skin care according to skin condition using a quantified skin care program.


Product Bella Derma Dome
Model BD-FS100
Input AC100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Output DC12V5A 60W
Size W520mmⅹD400mmⅹH345mm
Weight 5kg
Developed and Made in Korea


BellaDerma Dome ⅹ1
AC adaptor ⅹ1
Eye protector ⅹ1
User manual ⅹ1